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Champlin Tire Recycling, Inc is committed to responsible waste tire recycling endeavors and disposal.

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Tire Recycling Scrap Tire Hauling 100% Recycled Back Atcha Outdoor Furniture Sidewall Silage


Over 25 years experience in scrap tire hauling and processing.  We are permitted and have regular routes in several states.   

100% Recycled Plastic Rubber Back Atcha Outdoor Furniture Picnic Tables Park Bench Trail Bench

100 % Recycled BACK ATCHA Outdoor Furniture

Our Picnic Tables, Park and Trail Benches are perfect for your back yard, school yard, park or trail. 100% Recycled plastic and rubber composition makes these products durable, low maintenance, and weather resistant.  Order directly from our Back Atcha Website link here:

Livestock Feedbunks Tractor Tire Truck Tire Sidewall Silage Storage Retread Used Tires

Livestock Feedbunks - Sidewalls for Silage - Retreading - Used Tires

For our agricultural customers, we offer turned tractor tire livestock feedbunks,  as well as tractor and truck tire sidewalls for silage storage.  Additionally, we have a state of the art retreading plant,  and sell used tires (pending availability).  

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