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Champlin Tire Recycling, Inc is committed to responsible waste tire recycling endeavors and disposal.

About Us

Tire Recycling

Over 25 years experience in scrap tire hauling and processing.  We are permitted and have regular routes in several states.

Back Atcha Recycled Outdoor Products

We manufacture

Picnic Tables, Park & Trail Benches, and Rubber Mulch made from 100% recycled material.  Picnic Tables, Park & Trail Benches are available for purchase directly on our Back Atcha Website.  

Additional Products

We sell livestock feedbunks, tractor and truck tire sidewalls for silage storage, offer retreading, and sell used tires (pending availability).  

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Champlin Tire Recycling, Inc

301 Cedar Street, Concordia, Kansas 66901, United States

(800) 295-3345


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